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Oil sector Substantial growth

December 25, 2018 0 Comments oil-seed

Uganda’s vegetable oil sector has seen substantial growth. Vegetable oils are used for cooking, baking and in manufacturing. Growth in the sector has been spurred by a number of efforts aimed at boosting the sector by various stakeholders.

The oilseed sector has also grown alongside the vegetable oil sector through development of the value chain. According to data from the Food and Agricultural Organisation, production of oilseeds has grown on average by 17 per cent annually from 2011 to 2014.

Oil seeds produced in Uganda include sunflower, cottonseed, groundnuts, sesame seed and soybean. Oil seed falls under the category of high value products and the demand for it keeps growing in homes, schools, restaurants and hotels.

This growth in production creates an opportunity for one to invest in the establishment of a plant which extracts the actual oils out of the seeds.
This article takes you through how you can start an oilseed extraction plant to make money.

source: Daily Monitor


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