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lobby and advocacyLobby and Advocacy


In collaboration with PSFU and National farmers federations which we are members, UOSPA strongly participate in lobbing for better policies for its members; especially on; certification, tax, investment and trade policies


Our Approaches

Approaches Used By Uganda Oilseed to promote economic growth of small holder farmers

Increasing household Production and productivity.

Hands on approach of training UOSPA member farmers to promote productive and adoption of technology. This training approach increased adoption of recommended practices by farmers to 90% increasing the farmers yield from 450kg/acre to 600kg per acre, translated to household increased in income per acre it is 292,500. In addition the farm gate price when up due to cultivation of improved seeds with high oil content.

Promoting value addition and product development

Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy .Training Young women in simple cottage industries to promote women economic activities in Farming groups.

By supporting farmers to complete the oilseed value chain from production up to oil and cake production, their income increase as they sold more than one product beside expanded enterprises from the cake and oils they produce. Part of the oils produced was use in production of marketable products; cakes, chapattis, cookies, bans, bagia as a source of income especially to women members in the group, while seed cake was used especially by young men to feed livestock feeding.

The training provided women and young women with alternatives source of income. At the time of low market of sunflower oils and cake, the groups market other products and wait when price is profitable and sell excess grain. The center encouraged farmer to farmer learning became practical skill training school for most farmers) in the community and from other development organizations