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    & process oilseed crops

  • We are Increasing
    household Production and productivity

    Hands on approach of training UOSPA member farmers to promote productive and adoption of technology
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    Store Management

    Supporting farmers access to input through information dissemination and distribution network

Welcome to UOSPA

Uganda Oil Seed Producers and Processors Association (UOSPA) is an umbrella association of oilseed crop Producers (farming communities) and oilseed crop Processors (oil milling industries)

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Our Projects Since 1996

You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

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Enhancing oils seed production and productivity

Enhancing oils seed production and productivity

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Training of oilseed crop farming groups

Training of oilseed crop farming groups

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oils seed production and productivity

Institutional Development and strengthening

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Center of excellence project

Center of Excellence project

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HIV/AIDS and Gender mainstreaming

HIV/AIDS and Gender mainstreaming

Economic Growth

We promote economic growth of small holder farmers

Value Addition

We support farmers to complete the oilseed value chain

Gender Equality

Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy

Why Oilseed

Consumption of edible fats and oils

Uganda’s consumption of edible fats and oils is dominated by vegetable oil and its income elasticity of demand is high. However the domestic production of vegetable oils cannot meet the national demand, hence making Uganda heavily reliant on the importation of vegetable oil (up to 60% of the market supply). Although Uganda had a consumption demand of over 216,000 metric tons of edible oil in 2015, national production stood at 87,000 metric tons, which resulted into the importation of up to 129,000 metric tons and which in turn led to loss of foreign exchange.

UOSPA coordinate and promotes

Since its inception 1994, UOSPA has been coordinating and promoting production, processing and marketing of oilseed crops (sunflower, soyabean and simsim) with overall objective of contributing to poverty alleviation by improving food security, nutrition and income of rural households in the project districts. It is currently operating in 20 districts distributed in Bugishu, Teso, Lang and Acholi sub-regions. The district are; Sironko, Mbale, Bulambuli, Bukedea, Kumi, Serere, Soroti and Amuria in Eastern Uganda and Lira, Apac, Dokolo, Aleptong, Kole, Otuke, Amolatar, Oyam, Nwoya, Amuru, Omoro,and Gulu in Northern Uganda

Vegetable oilseed

The Vegetable oilseed sector is one of the commodities earmarked by Government of Uganda as strategic commodity that has the potential for import substitution and the country’s industrial growth (VOPD2, 2011). The sub-sector is a main source of livelihood for over 480,000 of Northern and Easten Uganda. The North and Eastern Uganda accounts for over 70% of the production and through zoning program, the region has the highest geographical comparative advantage for oilseed crops production (VODP, 2006). Emphasis on the sub sector as a trigger of development is focused on market and particular attention to rural smallholder farmers (PMA, 2000). Since 1995, several interventions have been carried by UOSPA. This led to increased oilseed production thus attracting various stakeholders; public agencies and private investors, farmers and traders in the sub-sector.

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